Film or digital?

Well, this past weekend has been fun. I spent Saturday slaving away at work, selling cameras and such to the masses (I feel a little like Hank Hill — “Do you have any questions about propane? Or propane accessories?”). Sunday was, however, considerably nicer — I talked the ‘rents into a ‘family trip’ to the second day of the RAF Waddington Airshow, and took most of the camera gear with me.

Total number of photos taken (digital): 1,358.

That’s right folks, one thousand, three hundred and fifty-eight photos. Spanned across five 2GB CF cards and one 4GB. Did I mention the films? No?

Two 36exp Kodachrome 64
Two 36exp Fuji Velvia 100
One 36exp Fuji Sensia 100
… and a 36exp Fuji Reala that was sitting in the bottom of my camera bag.

So that’s another 180 shots, bringing the grand total to 1,538. Nice.

I’ve spent most of today scooting around Leeds dropping films off — the Kodachromes are off to Kodak in Switzerland, then to Dwayne’s Photo Service in Kansas. Why I couldn’t just send them to DPS I have no idea… Anyway, I’m looking at somewhere between 21 days and (insert infinity symbol here) before I get those back… 🙁

I dropped the other films off at a local pro-lab (CC Imaging, the same guys that nabbed the Fujifilm contract for the process-paid Sensia films), so those should be back for Wednesday. I’m looking forward to seeing the shots on the roll of Velvia I had in for the Red Arrows flyover, some of those shots should be pretty damn spectacular (based on the ones I took on the 40D just before my last CF card filled up).

I’ll stick some of the digi photos on Flickr or G2 soon — i.e. when I’ve dug through them and separated out the “keepers”. My keep-rate on film is usually about 45-70%, on digital it’s FAR lower. Like, 2-10% on a good day. Still, at least I only end up paying for what I print… 🙂

And the 40D’s shutter counter is still in the low thousands. 7292 at last count. Gawd, I need to use that camera more often… And >1300 shots out of a pair of batteries (I’ve got a BG-E2N grip bolted on, with a full complement of batteries) with the battery meter still reading “full or very close to it” as of now is *not even remotely bad*. Especially when I had the 100-400IS on there with IS enabled for nearly the whole day. $DEITY, I love this camera. I love the 33V as well, but not as much as I love the 40D (the former is in dire need of a battery grip, assuming I can actually /find/ one).

Although the icons for the various metering modes *could* be a bit more obvious… That said, hitting INFO twice pops up the “idiot’s guide”, so it’s not that big a deal…

That’s all for now, I promise… I need to go find some more after-sun. Note to self: don’t go out in the blazing sun without high-SPF sunblock. Urrgh.