I am in the process of bringing one more user into the Linux fold… my mother.

Basically she wants to use Skype, but the webcam she bought doesn’t come with Windows 2000 drivers, nor are any available (it’s a Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000… *spit*). Choices are upgrade to Vista or XP (her laptop is slow enough as it is!), or switch to Linux. She’s already using Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice, which all have Linux versions available. In her case, there is no learning curve — Win2000 asks for a username and password when it’s started, so does Ubuntu. All the software is the same; the only thing I’m going to have to do is say “the recycle bin is there, the CD recording software is called Brasero, and this is how you get onto the LAN.”

And she gets to use her webcam. I also suggested that her creaky old laptop (Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 — upgraded to a 1GHz Pentium III, with a 40GB hard drive and a DVD writer in a very non-standard configuration) might run a little faster under Linux. Well, the antivirus and firewall won’t be sitting there eating clock cycles…

The HDD is backed up, so tomorrow all I have to do is pop the CD in, boot off of it and hit “Install”, then “Erase existing partitions”.

This is going to be fun.

And bringing another person into the OSS/FS community can’t really be considered to be a bad thing. Can it?