Repair Tip: Viewsonic VX922

*Device:* Viewsonic VX922 TFT monitor

*Fault:* Power light blinks green “long on, short off”. Some signs of backlight activity, but display otherwise black.

*Cause:* Defective “Capxon” electrolytic capacitors on AC power board. Possible issues with defective “Teapo” electrolytic capacitors on the controller board.

*Solution:* Replace all electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board with suitable replacements — e.g. Panasonic FC or FM series. Be aware that space is tight, and as such replacements will need to be the same size as or (vertically) shorter than the existing parts. Vertical height available is ca. 18mm (0.75in).

Replacement of capacitors on the controller board may also be necessary, but be advised that due to a lack of thermal relief on the capacitor pads, desoldering (and soldering of replacement parts) will be difficult using any less than a 100W *temperature-controlled* soldering iron. Try replacing just the PSU capacitors first; do not replace the Teapo capacitors on the controller board unless a PSU component swap fails to repair the monitor.