Public transport rant

OK, so I’ve been toying with the idea of going to the Duxford Airshow, on the basis that even if it gets rained off, the IWM should still be worth a look.

So I figure “I’ll go by train, it’ll be less effort than driving three hours both ways”.

The outbound journey takes 3hrs 30mins. It involves three trains — Leeds to Doncaster, Doncaster to Stevenage, then Stevenage to Cambridge. There’s a wait of 30 minutes at Doncaster for the Stevenage train, and a wait of 10 minutes at Stevenage.

The return journey takes about two and a half hours, goes from Cambridge to Peterborough, then Peterborough to Leeds. Not too bad. Except you can’t get a return ticket on that route. So you have to hang around Cambridge station for 30 odd minutes, go from Cambridge to Stevenage, Stevenage to Grantham then Grantham to Leeds, which gets me back to Leeds for eleven. Add in a 55-minute wait for a bus and the 40 minute journey, and I’d get home at twenty to one in the morning.

And it costs £67 return. Plus the bus ticket. So about £70.50.
Or if I got two single tickets (to take the earlier train), a whopping £137.40! And that’s Standard Class — First is an insane £385.50! Most plane tickets are cheaper!

I just priced up the same route by car at £43 and some change, plus I´m saving even more because I have this cheap van insurance to cover my car expenses.

And this is on the current rail fares system, not the “improved” (read: increased) system.

Why would anyone want to use the trains when they have to deal with that kind of crap? Aren’t the trains supposed to be, well, *faster* than the roads?

W. T. F.