Fine! I’ll build my *own* kernel…

Well, my PVR box is set up. It’s running Mythdora 4, with some customisations:

1. **Patched, older kernel** – the stock Fedora Core 6 2.6.18 kernel with the GRML kernel patches (from [GRML’s Mercurial VCS]( in the /2.6.18 patches; you want 400?_net-r8169*.patch)
2. **HVR3000 driver modules** – Steve Toth’s HVR3000 driver kit, from [’s Mercurial VCS]( with one small patch — in v4l/config-compat.h, make the line `#include ` read `#include ` instead. The analogue tuner *still* doesn’t work in MythTV though. But I don’t care because DVB seems to work fine.
3. **New ATI FGLRX drivers** – The latest version of the ATI FireGL/Radeon For Linux driver kit. Mythdora’s driver is *old*.
4. **Rebuilt IVTV and LIRC RPMs** – the standard AtRPMs RPMS, rebuilt for the new kernel
5. **A few bootscript patches** – to get *cx88_dvb* to load on boot, and to set up a few symlinks in /dev to allow Myth to access the DVB-S satellite tuner

RPMs coming soon, right after I get all the mess sorted out. The HVR3000 is a real bastard to get working on Linux, that’s for sure, and the analogue tuner seems to misbehave a lot (MythTV certainly didn’t find any channels)…

“More at ten…”

Yes, I am going to write a HOWTO. Not a good one, but a HOWTO anyway.