Pipex – the world’s most incompetent ISP?

If you’ve been reading my messages on the Thinkbroadband BBS and the PIPEX Xtreme Support newsgroup, you’ll probably know I’m currently a PIPEX subscriber, and also that I’m leaving with intent to move to Be Unlimited. Catch is, I need a MAC code from PIPEX to do so. And PIPEX are being difficult. Why does this not surprise me?

Here’s an extract from my call logs thus far:

Thu 5/4/07, called CS, transferred to Retentions dept. MAC requested, salesperson went through spiel (8Mb for £20 w/ new contract – I don’t think so!). MAC due to be issued by AM Thu 12/4/07.

Thu 12/4/07 @ 1530 BST, called CS, spoke to “Jenny”.
Transferred to Cancellations, then back to Jenny at CS due to Cancellations not answering. MAC request not on system, no record of call on 5/4 either. MAC re-requested, escalated to team leader. MAC code due by tonight, to be sent to primary account email.

Rest assured, if that MAC isn’t in my mailbox by midnight tonight, Pipex Customer (dis)Services are going to have some hard questions to answer come 9:30 Friday morning…