Getting around the “geronimo-specs” dependency issue on FC6

Seems WordPress butchered the command line I posted — I’ve turned off WYSIWYG Editing and fixed the bug. Thanks to Tim Petrowsky for pointing this out.

Problem: On Fedora Core 6 (and probably Core 5 too), if you enable the JPackage repositories and run a ‘yum update’, Yum will fail with the following error:

Error: Missing Dependency: geronimo-specs = 1.0-0.M2.2jpp.12 is needed by package geronimo-specs-compat

At a root shell, enter the following commands:

# rpm -e –nodeps geronimo-specs-compat

# yum install geronimo-specs

(optional) # yum update

Guess how long it took me to figure this out…