Finally got round to installing Gallery :)

So, um, yeah. I just got around to installing Gallery on the webserver.

If you feel like taking a look at what I do to alleviate the boredom of university assignments, take a look at my online photo gallery. I’m also a member of the Huddersfield University Photographic Society… But I doubt you really care about that 🙂
I’ve just got my mitts on a Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV film scanner – mine’s a US model, about 18-months old, bought second hand from a very nice guy on the Olympus-OM mailing list (hi, Dan!). I also bought myself a copy of VueScan (professional version, I wanted the ‘lifetime free updates’) which is one of the nicest scanner drivers I’ve ever used. It makes Minolta’s software look a bit feeble and toy-ish, but the Minolta “Auto Dust Removal” Photoshop plugin is still nice to have around.

No, my copy of Photoshop isn’t pirated. Actually, it’s not really Photoshop, it’s.. um.. Photoshop Elements 2… But it works, and that’s the important thing. Gimp is still nicer than PSE though, primarily because of Script-Fu. And it runs on Linux too, which is nice, I guess.