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Fedex WTF

Someone at Fedex UK needs to take a look at their call handling system…

“Thank-you for calling Fedex UK. Our main offices are currently closed. Press 1 to leave a message or book a pickup, or press 2 to hear our opening hours.”
“Our main offices are currently closed. *click*”

At which point the stupid thing hung up on me.

For extra giggles, the IBAN number printed on the bottom of the invoice is duff as well, or so my bank’s Online Banking system says. “IBAN number is not valid” it said.

Do they really want me to pay this invoice?

Pipex – the world’s most incompetent ISP?

If you’ve been reading my messages on the Thinkbroadband BBS and the PIPEX Xtreme Support newsgroup, you’ll probably know I’m currently a PIPEX subscriber, and also that I’m leaving with intent to move to Be Unlimited. Catch is, I need a MAC code from PIPEX to do so. And PIPEX are being difficult. Why does this not surprise me?

Here’s an extract from my call logs thus far:

Thu 5/4/07, called CS, transferred to Retentions dept. MAC requested, salesperson went through spiel (8Mb for £20 w/ new contract – I don’t think so!). MAC due to be issued by AM Thu 12/4/07.

Thu 12/4/07 @ 1530 BST, called CS, spoke to “Jenny”.
Transferred to Cancellations, then back to Jenny at CS due to Cancellations not answering. MAC request not on system, no record of call on 5/4 either. MAC re-requested, escalated to team leader. MAC code due by tonight, to be sent to primary account email.

Rest assured, if that MAC isn’t in my mailbox by midnight tonight, Pipex Customer (dis)Services are going to have some hard questions to answer come 9:30 Friday morning…

PirateBay Sunk, A Dark Day for BitTorrent?

I guess you’ve probably heard this by now, but here it is again just in case you haven’t…

The Pirate Bay BitTorrent tracker servers have been seized by Swedish police, apparently under pressure from the Media Mafia (read: Hollywood and the MPAA). Seems that not only have TPB’s servers been taken, but also other servers that were in the same datacentres — and Rix|Port80 are reporting that their sites have been raided by the police. This has taken a lot of other sites, including GameSwitch, offline… The Swedish Police, Antipiratbyran and the **AA are not going to make any friends doing this sort of thing.
The folks behind TPB are hoping to be up and running again “within a day or two”. I wish them all the best in getting their site up and running again, and hope that the arguments from the **AA and APB.

To be honest, had it not been for TPB, I’d have never bought the Firefly DVDs. I torrented the first episode from TPB a while back, watched it, and liked it enough to want to buy the DVDs… Bought the DVDs the next day and spent the rest of the week watching them. Now I’m not sure I’ll ever buy a DVD or a CD again – certainly not after this.
References: (Gameswitch) (TPB shutdown page) (proof that the **AA are involved) (Slyck news article) (alleged photos of the empty racks in the Rix|Port80 data centre) (statement from PRQ)

Another Government IT fiasco

Once again, “New” Labour have proven their complete and utter incompetence in IT-related matters. Not only are they trying to implement a completely unworkable ID-card system (if you’re a British citizen, take a look at No2ID), but they’ve completely bollocksed up the Student Finance online applications system. Yum. They should go and get guarantor loans now, it will be much better for them.

Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it?

Nah, I didn’t think so either. By the way, if you are trying to invest on something check the LME Index from shareprices.

Hopeless, hopeless college…

Got my BTEC report form through the other day – checked it and it seems the idiots at college have not only managed to misspell my name, but they've got my date of birth wrong as well. FFS, I was supposed to submit that to UCAS, now I have to deal with the mess caused by LCOT. Yay. Supposed to start uni in September, and not only do I have to read through all the stuff they've sent me, I've also got to sort this mess out.